This is the story of a young 21st-century couple. Both well educated and career oriented based out of Delhi this beautiful sweet couple thoroughly enjoyed their wedding and also giving us an opportunity to capture all their best memories throughout. This is their story in Jiya’s own words. Thanks, Jiya and Arav for choosing us to shoot your best memories. Arav and I were colleagues in our previous workplace. Like other couples, we thought we were just friends and today we are happily married. When I look back today to how it started...I am amazed and surprised to see how things have changed from them. I always wanted to low key wedding but he wanted to elaborate it...and see the outcomes of us. We enjoyed our wedding very much, not only me and Arav but our family members as well as friends too today I fell very grateful for choosing Art Photonics as our wedding photographer.


Wedding Ceremony is not just an occasion it is one of the biggest phases of one’s life because from the moment each and everything will be changed. There are some reasons why should people hire a photographer.

  • • You Have Only One Chance : You have only one chance to capture your special day. As these are one of your best memories to show your friends, grandchildren and many more. So make sure that each movement must be captured by someone so that you will not be regretting one day, therefore it is very essential to choose the right people at right time.
  • • You Have Only One Chance : Photographers Do It In Style: As the photographers are professionals so they have some unique idea by using some props so they just know what to do as they intuitively know the moments they need to capture. All you have to do is give them the event. They use a DSLR camera to shoot the ceremony so the quality of the images is going to be best.
  • • You Have Only One Chance : A Bottom Line: If you reduced the budget on your cake and cut a few corners, hardly anyone would know, after a week your cake will go. But now the real thing comes on the picture after a week a beautiful story holding lots of memories will be waiting for its audience and you will have this forever...........